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Date: 2008
Client: Wellspring Learning Community
Area: 1200 m2
Status: Completed
Collaboration: Hala Chmaitelly

A learning garden is a space of education, where learning can be done through nature. The schoolyard is a garden with minimal hardscaped areas. It is where children discover plants, insects, and where they can experiment through planting and observing. The site is shared with a church, it is an old building dating back to the 40’s with several courtyards. The church will continue to occupy a part of the building, and the new school will have a brand new playground, a learning garden, and basketball courts.The site was divided into three areas: the playground, the learning garden, and the gathering space by the large Araucaria tree. The main concept was that of a garden: the green spaces dominate and locally hardscaped areas are included within them. It is a garden before being a school court.