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Date: 2017 to present
Client: Private
Area: 284275 m2
Status: Under Construction

The larger landscape in which the site is located is a typical Mediterranean Maquis.
Our landscape approach promotes the connection to the existing context, this will
ensure a sustainable project that will require minimum maintenance and
Irrigation. We wish to transform the site back into a multilayered pineland. As in many Mediterranean contexts, shade is crucial. When offering to heavily
plant the site (street alignment trees, shaded play areas, climbers along the fences etc..) we propose a comfortable pedestrian shaded circulation. By using native shrubs and well adapted ones, we propose to have limited areas with full irrigation, the majority of the site will be rain fed after the first 3 years of establishment. In addition to the shared urban spaces, the project includes a Nature Park where sports activities take place, and natural play areas that use the topography of the site and other natural materials.