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Date: 2006
Client: Private
Area: 150 m2
Status: Completed

“Coffee, books, and people was the vision behind opening a different kind of café called T Marbouta early in 2006. More than a café it was envisioned as an open cultural space. The opening T-Marbouta was due on the 18th of July 2006 but when the July war started, T Marbouta turned into a relief center giving out clothes, mattresses, food and was open to anyone assisting in relief for those affected by the war. That experience enriched the original idea and T turned into a social place, anchored in Beirut in touch with all that happens in it”.
The design was intentionally home-like. Light wood furniture, colorful cushions and movable couches participated in making the space homey and flexible.

Date: 2012
Client: Private
Area: 90 m2 + 90 m2 terrace / garden
Status: Completed

Gentrifying Hamra pushed T marbouta out of its old address and into a brand new location. Keeping with the same spirit, the place was designed as a lush garden with tables and couches in extension to a bright and simple indoor space. The furniture design, the choice of colors as well as the plant palette used is ‘familiar’, one can appropriate the space and make it his own.