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Date: 2013
Client: Private
Area: 25000m2
Status: Interrupted
Collaboration: Ayssar Arida, Maria Group

Intervening on such a rich urban project is a challenge in terms of landscape. The architecture and urban spaces already form a dense network of atmospheres. The landscape accompanies and enhances the proposal while trying to respect viewpoints and scale. We chose to work around color, Rich Red and Yellow Foliage colors in autumn and the light feathery whitish-pink cherry blossoms in spring. The intricate public, semi public, and private spaces are animated in spring by the spectacular flowering of the cherry trees. Both Prunus Pissardi and Prunus Accolade offer a generous flowering, and are at the same time relatively small trees that do not obstruct the views. They address the scale of the pedestrian and that of an intricate network of backyards and semi public spaces. In autumn, the public spaces burst with the autumn colors of Gingko Biloba and Maple trees. High evergreen Oak trees structure the higher road and create a consistent dense foliage throughout the year. They address the scale of the main high road. The Main Piazza, of a relatively small scale is organized around one large Plane Tree. This draws the attention away from the hard edges and towards a structuring central element. Offering a light shade in summer, in winter, the deciduous plane tree allows more sky in.