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Date: 2014 to Present
Client: Private
Area: 6000 m2
Status: Under Construction
Collaboration: Hratch Markarian

Located in the middle of an almond orchard, the site offered exceptional views on the soft rolling hills of the Beqaa area. It was a productive landscape with vineyards and orchards. The project was thought outside in: we wanted to bring as much of the landscape into the house all while offering large outdoor shaded areas. The concept was that of three stacked boxes that would slightly slide sideways and offer outdoor covered spaces sheltered from the scorching summer sun. The materials used are local stone in two different finishes to emphasize the different volumes. A basalt tiled piazza, planted with large umbrella pine trees, allows the access to the house. The garden is restored as an orchard, small pocket gardens allow for seating. The pool and pool house are also another insertion within the almond trees.