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Date: 2017 to present
Client: Private
Area: 4490 m2
Status: On-going
Collaboration: Karim Nader Studio

The site is a Mediterranean pine forest, composed of pinus halepensis and in a fewer proportion, pinus pinea. Under that high tree layer the shrub under-story can be found: evergreen shrubs such as oak, mastic tree, tree heather, strawberry tree, sage, and myrtle.

The concept consists of promoting and preserving the natural Mediterranean landscape existing all while introducing pocket gardens of ‘maintained landscape’. The existing topography is used to anchor the architecture and create a looping promenade linking all the elements of program together: kitchen gardens, tree houses, pool, sports area. The existing large rocks host seating areas and other niches. The site is revealed and enhanced, all while keeping the ‘wild’ feeling it has. The pocket gardens will be the only areas requiring irrigation.