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Date: 2017
Area: 40520 m2
Collaboration: Karim Nader Studio
Status: Competition Entry

Ode for a flood, the ship responds to water from all surrounds, and as the dusk breaks,
reflects its rusty pitches and structural rhythms on river and street sides while the mound
slightly protrudes.

The project extends and reconnects existing flows: pedestrians and bikers strolling on the
riverbank branch left and right. On the street side, they reach a lower flood-able piazza
with musical water jets while on the riverside, flood-able pools with a boarding deck and
a bridge towards the Science Island.

In between, a ‘landform’ smoothly rises up from the park surface and merges back down
as an outdoor amphitheater. From the street, a gentle ramp rises up towards the foyer
while two mineral staircases connect to the lower piazza left and right.