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Date: 2009
Client: BOA
Area: 3000m2
Status: Completed
Collaboration: Kamel Hattoum

The site is within a newly developed neighborhood in Cairo, it is supposed to host all the headquarters of major banks and companies of the capital. A drop of around 5m separated the building from the street. We chose to use that site specificity and turn it into a main feature of our design: a large water feature accompanied the stairs leading up to the piazza on which stood the building. Large planters of grasses area scattered within the water. The whole site was ‘pixelated’ into small spaces in order to cover the 5m drop. Along the stairs, outdoor chambers with benches are accessible to the public. The planting theme was developed around two types of gardens: lush green garden, and a dry, succulent drought tolerant garden. Both gardens feature spectacular colorful flowering trees.