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Date: 2013
Client: Kattaneh Construction
Area: 12500m2
Status: Competition First Prize, Interrupted
Collaboration: 109 Architects

The site is in the heart of Badaro, a quiet Beiruti neighborhood known for its large pine trees and modern buildings. 109 Architects, with whom we had teamed up for the competition, developed a concept for 3696 Badaro that is in response to its location: one high-rise building along the main road, and a smaller volume to the scale of the internal neighborhood. The landscape proposal suggested that the garden located between the buildings is an extension of the public space. It is a colorful garden of grasses ending with a green wall. On the other side of the building, the sidewalk is widened and planted with jacaranda and pine trees, typical of the neighborhood. The blurred limit between the sidewalk and the lobby of the building offers a large welcoming space directly accessible from the street.